Often, people who misuse alcohol or drugs neglect important things needed for both emotional and physical health, and this can often leave you feeling unwell or in need of some TLC. When you start your recovery journey, you can often find yourself with ‘free-time’ and instead of letting boredom set it.

Telford STaRS can help with:

  • Mindfulness groups and information
  • Meditation techniques

A range of group activities including:

  • Skills training
  • Work-related training and courses
  • Effective use of leisure time

We also have local links with

  • TACT (Telford After Care Team) for adults
  • Recharge Telford for young people
  • Healthy Telford
  • Community Centres
  • Leisure Centres

More information

For some information and advice about exercise visit our information page.

If you have health issues that you would like addressed including smoking cessation, healthy eating, nutrition and physical activity we can refer you to Healthy Telford